The Location Products Page enables you to change the attributes of items, products, or services for a specific location. The changes you make on this page will only affect the items, products, or services for the specifically selected location. To choose a specific location, click the Location Drop Down Menu in the upper right hand portion of the screen. If your business has one location, the changes made on this page will be applied to that location.


This page enables you to edit existing Items, Products, or Services for specific locations. To add new Categories, Subcategories, Groups, or Items please see: Library

Available Products Page

Search Products

The Available Products Page allows you to view and search through your Products according to Category. To search for a Product by name, enter the name of the Product in the text box at the top of the screen and click the Search Button. To filter Products by Category, select the All Categories drop down menu, select the Category of your choice, and click the Search Button.

Products Table

The Products Table displays Products by Categories, listed in alphabetical order. It also details the Product price and the Product cost, meaning the cost of the Products to your business.

Station Assignment

This table also controls which of the Station Printers a Product is sent to upon completion of an Order. For instance, a gift shop retailer may send Orders for shirts to a Station Printer in storage where shirts are organized and stored, while Orders for hats may be printed at the point-of-sale where an employee has easy access to hats located under the counter. A restaurant may send sandwich and burger orders to a Station located next to the flattop grill, while orders for alcoholic beverages are sent to the Station by the bar.

To assign a Product to a Station, click the Station Drop Down in the row for the relevant Product. Then select which Station you would like to sent that Product to. If all Products in a Category can be sent to the same Station, use the Station Drop Down on the top row of the Category Table, and then click the down arrow next to it to apply that Station all Products in the Category.

Inventory Tracking

You can also track inventory for a Product in the Product Table. Selecting the checkbox to the left of the Track Qty box enables tracking for the Product. Once you enter the amount of the Product you have on hand, Groovv will count down from this tracking quantity each time the particular Product is sold.

Inventory can be tracked by two methods: (1) the Product Receiving method, in which Products are added to Inventory as Products are received by your business; and (2) the Physical Counts method, in which Inventory counts are replaced by values of Products currently at a Location. Clicking the Download and Update Drop Down Menu to the right of the Save Button at the top of the page allows you to download and import data for Physical Count and Products Received.

To save and apply any changes made on this page, click the Save Button at the top right of the screen.

Product Details Page

The Product Details Page allows you to edit specific Products to assign Modifier Sets, enable Order Ahead, and assign the Product to an Order Entry Tag. To edit a Product from the Product Details Page, locate the Product and press the Edit Button. You will be taken to the Edit Product Page where you can apply the desired changes. Make sure to press the Save Button in each panel on this page as you make edits.

Product Details Panel

At the top of the Edit Product Page, is a panel where you can enter or change the Price and Cost of the Product. You may also edit the Station, enable or disable tracking, and enable or disable Order Ahead.

Modifier Sets Panel

The second panel on the page is the Modifier Set Panel. Here you can add Modifier Sets to the Product so that when you add a Product to an Order on the app, you can apply Modifiers to that Product. You can also edit the layout of the Modifier Sets so that they appear on your POS in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

Order Entry Tags Panel

The last panel on the the Edit Product Page is the Order Entry Tags Panel. Here you can choose which Order Entry Tag the Product will appear in on the POS. For example, French Fries may be put in the Sides Order Entry Tag as well as the Appetizers Order Entry Tag. Products can be in one, many or no Order Entry Tags. Learn more about Order Entry Tags here.

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