Add New User

One the Add new pop up window, you will be asked to enter the following information on the “User Info” Tab:

  • Username: The username must contain a minimum of 5 characters.
  • Email address: The email address of the account user. This field is optional.
  • Password: The password must contain a minimum of 8 character. Note: All users must reset their passwords every 90 days.
  • Start page: This is the user’s home page. Choose from the following pages on the drop down menu: New Order, SImple Charge, Refund, Open Refund, Voice Auth, Customer Database, Product Database, Batch Manager, Queued Transactions, Check Manager, or Upload Manager.
  • Allowed IP address(es): When adding a new user, you can enter specific IP addresses from which the user can access the system and conduct transactions. To allow a user to access the system from any IP address, leave the space empty.

Once you have entered all the user’s information, go to the next step.

Note: Clicking NP4 will exit you out of the “New User” window pop up.

This tab allows you to enable or disable the following settings:

  • Master Account: Turning this ON grants the user master permissions. Then this is NP3, the “Console Permissions” tab will appear. (See Step 3: Console Permissions). This tab will allow you to give users permission to view, manage, or use specific sections of the merchant console.
  • Allow Password Change: Turning this ON gives users permission to change their password. All users must change their password, they will still be able to change their password if it has expired.
  • External Software: Turning this ON will allow the user to login from iOS and Android devices.

To enable a setting, switch the button to ON. To disable a setting, switch the button toNP3.

Click NP4 once you are done configuring the General Settings for the new user. If you have chosen to disable the “Master Account” option, go to Step 3: Console Permissions.

You can choose to give permissions throughout different sections of merchant console such as the Dashboard, Transactions, Batches, Customers, Products, Reports, Fraud Manager, and Settings. 

For example as shown in the image below, you can choose different functions of the Transaction section.

Check the function(s) you want to give the user permission to.

You may also select different categories within each function by turning Advances Permission othe on.

The “Advance Permissions” button is located on the top right had side of the Console Permissions table.

Check the subcategories you want to give the user permission to use.

Other on

Once you are done configuring the Console Permissions settings, click NP4.

You will be taken back to your User Manager page, confirming that the new user has been saved.

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