Groovv is a cloud-based system that requires an active Internet connection to operate optimally. However, if your Internet connection is interrupted, Groovv will enable you to continue completing transactions while your register is offline by storing the transactions and the encrypted card swipe information locally. These transactions are referred to as Offline Transactions. When your Internet connection is re-established, you will need to upload any offline transactions from the Queue Screen on the Completed Orders Tab. Once uploaded, offline card transactions will go through the regular authorization, capture, and settlement process.


When Groovv is operating normally and connected to the Internet, a card transaction is sent to your payment processor for authorization immediately. The processor then performs the necessary tasks to authorize the transaction. If everything is in order, the processor will authorize the transaction. If for any reason, the transaction cannot be authorized, the processor will decline the transaction. Groovv will quickly receive notice that the transaction was authorized or declined, and alert you so that you are able to take the appropriate steps while the customer is still physically in your business.

When the internet connection Groovv uses is interrupted, the transactions you take cannot be sent to your processor until your Internet connection is restored, and as a result, your processor cannot immediately perform the necessary tasks for authorizing your transactions. When your Internet connection is restored, Groovvwill prompt you to upload any Offline Transactions. Once uploaded these transactions will be sent to your processor for authorization.

The risk to you comes from the fact that, while your internet connection is down, if you continue to accept card payments and provide goods or services in return, when the connection is restored and the transactions are uploaded, it may occur that some or all of those cards are declined by your processor. If your internet connection is interrupted for more than a few minutes, your customers are very likely to have already left your business by the time you receive notification that the Offline Transactions could not be authorized. In such a situation you would have provided goods or services without receiving payment.


Offline cash transactions do not pose a high level of risk because cash is exchanged physically at the time of the transaction and is not dependent on the Internet connection.

Offline Gift Card transactions are not supported.


If at all possible, do not accept offline card payments. If there is no alternative, you will need to consider the risk that offline card payments pose and decide whether that risk is acceptable to you.

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