Item Modifiers

The Modifiers Page is located under Items in the Navigation Menu. The Modifiers Page allows you to Add and Edit Modifiers as needed. Modifiers are additional options added to specific goods or services sold to your customers. For instance, a taco food truck may have Modifiers for “Pepper Jack Cheese” and “Extra Pico de Gallo” for tacos, whereas a hair salon may offer a bottle of sparkling water during a haircut.
After you have added a Modifier, it is displayed withing the Modifier Table. View this table by selecting Modifiers under Items in the Navigation Menu.

The Modifier Table displays the Modifier Name, Price, and Status. To sort the table by a certain column metric, click the column name at the top of the table. To return the column to its previous order, click the column name again.

You can sort Modifiers by Status, by selecting the field titled All Modifiers located at the top left of the table. A drop down menu will appear and you may select to sort by either Active or Inactive.

To export a list of all Modifiers select Export All Records at the bottom of the table, or to export only those Modifiers appearing after a search, select Export Current Results. Clicking the Pencil Icon to the left of a Modifier in the Modifier Table will allow you to edit that Modifier.

  1. Select Items in the Navigation Menu and then select Modifiers from the Items Expanded Menu
  2. Click the Add Modifier Button
  3. Add a Modifier Name and Unit Price to the Modifier
  4. Click Save
  5. Select the Items the Modifier will apply to.
  6. Select the Modifier Sets the Modifier will apply to.
  7. Search your Items by entering a Item Name in the Search Items text box and clicking the Magnifying Glass Button
  8. Click the Save Button at the bottom of the screen when finished

  1. Select Items on the left side of the Navigation Menu, and then choose Modifiers under the listings.
  2. Locate the Modifier you wish to edit, and then click the edit button, represented by a pencil, on the left side of the Modifier name.
  3. Edit the Name and Price of the modifier id needed.
  4. Select or deselect the checkbox to left of the Active field to make the Modifier active or inactive.
  5. Add the Modifier to any Items by selecting the Add button in the Items field.
  6. Select Save located on the bottom right side of the page.

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