Groovv POS – Split an Order

  1. Once you have finished adding Items to the Order and want to split the Order by total, tap the Checkout Button at the bottom of the Receipt Viewer.
  2. Tap the Split Balance Button at the top of the Receipt Viewer on the Payment Method Screen.
  3. On the Split Order Screen, use the plus and minus buttons to select how many ways you would like to split the balance or Order. The total amount of the Order will split evenly between the number of splits you selected.
  4. Press the Save Button. You will return to the Payment Method Screen.
  5. Complete perform the Checkout Process according to the number of ways you split the balance of Order.

Note: You may also choose to split the balance of an Order again at any point after you have completed the Checkout Process, and before completing payment for the final split. Simply press the Split Balance Button again on the Payment Method Screen, select how many ways you would like to split the remaining balance, and finish the Checkout Process as you normally would.


  • Select Split by Items to split the Order by groups of Items
    1. You will be taken to a new screen
    2. Select Items to put on the first check from the Cart on the left, and they will be placed in the Cart on the right.
    3. Select Checkout when you have completed placing the appropriate Items in the New Order Cart on the right
    4. You will now perform the Checkout Process for the Items that you selected for that particular order
    5. You will be returned to the Cart Screen until all Items have been split into their respective checks and you have completed the Order

Note: You can only Split and Order by items after you have added at least two or more items to the cart. 


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