Groovv POS – Reprint or Resend a Receipt

Note:When attempting to re-send a receipt by email while your register is in Offline Mode, you may follow the normal procedure. Groovv will store the request and send the receipt by email when your Internet connection is restored.


  1. Select the Orders Button from the Launch Screen, and then select the Completed Tab
  2. Find the Order for which you wish to obtain a new receipt
    1. Scroll through the Orders List in the center of the screen, OR
    2. Select the Search Button in the left column and search for the transaction by either entering a Date / Time range or by entering the Order Number
  3. Once located, tap the relevant Order. The Order information will load in the Receipt Viewer on the right side of the screen.
  4. To re-send a receipt by email, press the Email Receipt Button at the top of the Receipt Viewer.
    1. Enter an email address and press the Enter Button on the keypad, or the Send Email Button
  5. To re-print a paper receipt, press the Print Receipt Button.
    1. This will print a receipt at the configured Printer
    2. Check your Printer for the printed receipt.


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