Orders placed via Order Ahead can be found on the Order Ahead Screen of the Open Orders Tab. You will know you have received a new Order Ahead Order when you see a notification at the bottom of your screen saying “An Order has been received through Order Ahead,” and the Open Tab changes colors.

To prepare an Order, you will need to send any necessary Items to the Kitchen Station so they can be prepared by the assigned pickup time. To send an Order to the Station, select the Held Order Tile from the Order Ahead Screen so that its information is displayed in the Receipt Viewer on the right side of the screen. Then press the Send to Station Button at the top of the Receipt Viewer. This will send the items to their pre-designated Stations to be prepared.

To manage the flow of Orders to the Kitchen Station, send Orders based on the pickup time set by the customer. This ensures the Kitchen doesn’t receive Orders hours before they need to be ready, and that Orders are fresh when the customers come to pick them up.

When a customer arrives to pickup an Order, navigate to the Order Ahead Screen under the Open Orders Tab and locate their Order in the center of the screen. Once you have found the Order, select it so that it appears in the Receipt Viewer and press the Complete Order Button. Since the Order has already been paid for, you will be taken directly to the Receipt Screen. Select the type of receipt the customer wants, and give them their Order. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen notifying you that the Order has been completed.

Quick Summary

  1. Tap on the Open Orders Tab and select the Order Ahead Button
  2. Select a Held Order Tile from the center of the screen so it populates the Receipt Viewer
  3. Press the Send Items to Station Button at the top of the Receipt Viewer to send the Order to be prepared
  4. When the customer arrives to pick up their Order, find their Order in the Order Ahead Screen based on their Name or Transaction ID Number
  5. Press the Complete Order Button
  6. Select which type of Receipt the customer wants to receive; hand the customer their Order
  7. A message will appear saying Transaction Complete

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