Groovv POS – Hold an Order

Selecting the Hold Button at the bottom of the Receipt Viewer holds an Order to completion at a later time, instead of immediately initiating the Checkout Process. To Hold an Order that includes Items that need to be sent to a station for printing, tap the Hold Button at the bottom of the Receipt Viewer; the Order Info Screen will load and present you with the option to send Items immediately or not to send Items to the pre-configured station at the moment.

 NOTE: If you choose “No, Do Not Sent Items” you will need to send the Items to a Station Printer manually form the Open Orders Tab. 

Step by Step Summary

  1. After Items have been selected for an Order, click the Hold Button at the bottom of the Receipt Summary. The Order Info Screen will appear and the Station Button will be selected.
  2. Select either Yes, Send Items, or No, Do Not Send Items.
  3. To designate a Held Order as Dine In, Carry Out, Delivery, Drive Thru or To Go, tap the Order type Button ( the topmost button) in the left column. Then select the button that corresponds to the appropriate Order Type for the order.
  4. You may also enter an Order Name on this screen by typing a name into the textbox.
  5. To change the server associated with the Order, tap the Server Button in the left column, and then select the appropriate Server from your list of employees on this screen.
  6. To assign an Order Identifier to the Order, select the Identifier Button in the left column and then select an Identifier.
  7. Once you have finished entering the necessary information for the Order, press the Continue Button to place the Order on hold. You will be taken back to the Current Order Screen  to begin a new Order.
  8. The Held Order will now appear in the Open Tab on the All Order Screen.


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