Edit Screen Layouts

  1. To edit a Screen Layout Button, Select Items on the left side of the Navigation Menu. and then choose Screen Layouts from the listings.
  2. Click the Edit Button, represented by a Pencil Icon, to the left  of the Screen Layout Button you wish to edit.
  3. In the tip panel, edit the Name, Color, Icon, Price, and Start/End Time for the Layout Button.
  4. Click the Save button in this panel to save your changes.
  5. In the Item Panel, click the Add Button at the top of the Items Panel to open a pop-up with your Item Library Table.
  6. Add more Items to the Screen Layout Button by checking the checkbox next to each Item to be assigned to the Layout Button.
  7. Click the Save Button at the bottom of the pop-up to add the Items to the Item Panel.
  8. You may choose to enter a new Price for a Item in the Price Override column, which will override its Account and Screen Layout Level Price.
  9. You can delete Items from the Screen Layout Button by clicking he Delete Button, represented by a Trash Can Icon, to the left of the Item in the Item Panel.
  10. Click the Save Button in the Item Panel to save your changes.
  11. Press the Done Button to return to the Screen Layouts page.

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