Groovv POS – Complete an Offline Transaction

Groovv is a cloud-based system that requires an active Internet connection to operate optimally. However, if your Internet connection is interrupted, Groovv allows you to continue completing transactions while your register is offline by storing transactions and encrypted card swipe information locally. These are referred to as Offline Transactions.

Note: In order to complete Offline Transactions, you must enable Offline Payments. If you wish to accept offline card payments you must enable Offline Credit Cards in your Payment Options Settings.

In the event that your Internet connection is interrupted while you are on the Current Orders Screen,Groovv will display a pop-up alert to notify you that the app is unable to reach the server and that you should check the network connection. The pop-up will give you the option to Log Out, Proceed Offline, or Retry. If you do not wish to continue using Groovv while your Internet connection is down, press Log Out. If you believe your Internet connection has not been interrupted or you were able to re-establish the connection, press Retry. If you wish to continue using Groovv while your Internet connection is down, press Go Offline to put the app into Offline Mode.

After pressing Go Offline, the app will indicate that it is in Offline Mode by displaying an Offline Indicator in the left panel of the Home Screen. On other screens in the app the Offline Indicator will appear at the top of the right-hand corner of the screen. While in Offline Mode, you will be able to access the Current Orders Screen and take payments by entering the Checkout Process.

Once you have begun the Checkout Process, you will be navigated to the Payment Methods Screen where you will be able select cash, credit/debit, or gift certificate as the payment method. Gift Cards are not available as a payment method when your Internet connection is down and Groovv Pro is operating Offline. After you select a payment method, you can enter the necessary details and proceed to the Receipt Screen. If you choose the Email Receipt option, the email will be stored locally until you restore your Internet connection. Once your Internet connection is restored, an Email Receipt for the relevant transaction will be emailed to the entered email address. If you choose the Print Receipt option, a receipt will be printed for the transaction immediately, as it would normally.

When the Internet connection Groovv uses is interrupted, the credit/debit transactions you take cannot be sent to your processor, and as a result, your processor cannot perform the necessary tasks for immediately authorizing these transactions. When your Internet connection is restored, Groovv, you will need to upload any Offline Transactions from the Queue Screen in the Completed Orders Tab. Once uploaded, these transactions will be sent to your processor for authorization. Only after the transactions are uploaded and sent for authorization will you know if the cards used for Offline Transactions were accepted or declined. In the situation that some or all of the cards used were declined, you would have provided goods or services without actually receiving payment.

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