How to Add Stations


  1. Click on Store Setup on the left side of the Navigation Menu, and then choose Stations from the listings.
  2. On the Stations Page select the Add Station Button.
  3. On the Add Station Page enter the Station Name and set the Station Type.
  4. Click Save when finished entering Station details.

If your business has multiple Locations, click the Location Drop Down Menu in the upper right hand portion of the screen to select a Location. Clicking Save after making your edits will update the settings for that particular Location.

Name – The name you enter here must be unique. For example, you cannot have more than one Station that is named Kitchen at any single Location.

Type – There are two available Station types: Kitchen and Expediter. A Kitchen Station will behave differently from an Expediter Station in one key respect. The standard Kitchen Station will print receipts that only include items that have been configured to be printed at that Station. Whereas, the Expediter Station will print Receipts that include all items. This allows an Expediter to keep track of orders and helps the Expediter facilitate the proper preparation of Orders that contain kitchen and non-kitchen items.

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