Quick Summary

  1. Click Items in the Navigation Menu, then select Discounts from the Items Expanded Menu
  2. Click the Add Discount Button
  3. Add a Discount Name.
  4. Mark the Discount Status as Active or Inactive by checking or unchecking the Active checkbox.
  5. Select the bubble next to Amount or Rate. Enter an Amount or Rate in the Amount/Rate field
  6. Add a Description of the Discount in the Description text box
  7. To track Discount usage in correlation with advertising and marketing efforts, enter a Code or SKU
  8. Click Save
  9. On the Edit Discount Page, select the Locations where the Discount will be available
  10. Then, select the Groups of Users who will be able to apply the Discount
  11. Click Save when finished
  12. Click Done to return to the Discounts Page

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