Step by Step Summary

  1. Select Items in the left Navigation Menu and then select Library
  2. Select the plus sign to the left of the Category, Subcategory, or Group in which you would like to add a Product

  1. Click Add Product
  2. Enter a Product Name, a Unit Price (retail cost to the consumer), a Cost (the actual cost of that item to your business), and a Product Code (if applicable)
  3. If you track the goods or services you sell by Manufacturer, Model, or Part Number, enter that information in the corresponding text boxes
  4. If you would like to add a Description of the Product, do so in the Description text box
  5. Select the Discountable checkbox if Discounts can be applied towards the purchase of the Product
  6. If the Product is a Gift Card, select the Gift Card checkbox
  7. Click the Save Button

  1. After clicking Save, you will be directed to the Edit Product Page to finish the Add Product Process. Select the Taxes, Locations, and Modifiers that will apply to the Product. To select all items in a list, select the topmost checkbox next to the bolded word.
  2. Click Save when finished.
  3. Click Done to return the Product Library Page

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