mPOS – Sales Type

Sales on iPhone devices must be at least $0.10 in order to successfully process.

Quick Sale

Quick Sale transactions are meant for one time sales using an enabled payment option on your console. 

To process a Quick Sale transaction, use one of the following methods:

  1. Tap on the3-lines icon to expand the side menu bar, then select “QuickSale” from the drop down menu.
  2. Tap on quicksalelocated at the top right hand side of your Dashboard.
    Note: Both methods will take you the same page, requiring the same steps.


Enter the Amount of sale in the “Amount” field. Tap on the drop down arrow, checkmarkas shown in the image below to expand the following fields: Tax, Invoice #, Purchase Order or PO #, and Description, 

Once you enter the Tax percentage, Invoice #, PO #, and the Description in the corresponding fields, tap ondone and continue to Step 3.mpos28

To process a credit card transaction, you may manually enter the customer’s credit card information or swipe the customer’s credit card.

Credit Card
Once you tap on charge1 for credit card, cash, and check transactions, you will be directed to the Transaction Result page.

From the same Transaction Result page, you have the following options: Print Receipt, Email Receipt, and New Sale. 



Itemized Order

The Itemized Order page allows you to process transactions that include like item products, gift cards, product categories, and customer details. 

To start processing an itemized order, tap on the3-lines icon to expand the side menu bar. Tap “Sales Type” then tap on “Itemized Order: from the drop down menu. Refer to images shown below.
There are three methods to add products into your Itemized Order.

Scan a product
Add a Blank Product
Add From Product Category
Search For A Product
Gift Cards
New Card
Existing Card
Check Balance
Delete Line Items
The mPOS App allows you to add discounts and tax to individual products in your items list or to the entire order.

Apply Discount or Tax to Individual Products

  1. Tap on the product you wish to discount or tax, a pop up window will appear.
    • You may enter the discount or tax in a dollar amount or percentage.
  2. Tap on the ‘Discount’ field to apply the enter the discount.
  3. Tap on the ‘Tax’ field to enter the tax.
  4. Tap ‘OK’ to apply the discount and tax to the product.

*Discounts will be shown in the calculation as orange, and Tax will be shown as green.

**To delete the discount or tax on individual products, tap on the product and delete the entered values from their corresponding fields.


Apply Discount or Tax to Entire Order

To apply discount or tax to your entire order, tap on the pencilpencil icon on the subtotals section.


Once you tap on the pencil pencilicon, enter the discount or tax in the provided field.

Enter the amount, in dollar or percentage form, using the number key pad. Once you have entered the amount, click “OK”.


To select a customer from your database, tapcustomer.Tap the name of the customer for whom the order is to be placed.

You may also search for the customer by entering the customer name in the field provided. Every customer that match the criteria entered will be displayed and listed.

Note: You may only select one customer per order. Once you tap on the Customer’s Name, it will be added below the Subtotal, Discount, and Tax section. 


Open Drawer
Hold Order
Reopen Order
Cancel Order
To process a credit card transaction, you may manually enter the customer’s credit card information or swipe the customer’s credit card.

Credit Card
Customer Pay
Partial Payment
Tap on for credit card, cash, and check transactions. You will be directed to the Transaction Result page.

From the same Transaction Result page, you have the following options: Print Receipt, Email Receipt, and New Sale.



To print a receipt copy of the transaction, tap onprintreceipt . A printer mist be enabled and connected to your device. The following lists printers that are compatible with Groovv mPOS App:

  • mPOP Bluetooth Printer with Cash Drawer


To email a receipt of the transaction to your customer, tap onemial-receipt. You will be taken to the Email Receipt Page.

Enter the customer’s email address in the field provided then tap onsent-icon.

A confirmation pop up will appear, indicating if the email was sent successfully or failed to send. You may customize your receipt templates on your Settings.


Begin by entering the amount you would like to charge along with any necessary tax.


Enter as detailed a description as you like along with the invoice number and purchase order if applicable.

**TIP: Enter a description that will help you remember the details of the transaction later, such as “Monthly Hosting Fee” or “8-Piece Glassware Set” rather than generic descriptions such as “Sale” or “Fee.”
Note: The amount of the transaction appears at the top right of your screen, so thee is no need to go back to double check. When you have entered the description, invoice number and purchase order number, touch the NEXT arrow to proceed to the payment screen.
**TIP: To automatically record incremental invoice numbers, turn the Increment Invoice on the QUICK PAYMENT screen of the Settings section of the App to ON.

Card Number
Enter the credit card details necessary to process the transaction. On the screen you will enter the 13-16 digit credit card numbers, expiration date and CVV/CVV2, the cardholder’s name as it appears on the card, as well as the cardholder’s billing address and zip code.

Once all the credit card information has been entered, the NEXT arrow will automatically transform into a PROCESS key. When you are ready to process the transaction, touch the PROCESS key and the transaction will be processed immediately. If the transaction was successful, you will receive instant confirmation of the transaction via this screen.
Or if the transaction has been declined, the screen will have a red “X” on it displaying a “Transaction Declined” message. You may retry the transaction or touch DONE to return to the main TERMINAL.


Capture Signature
To capture and record the customer’s signature digitally, touch the CAPTURE SIGNATURE bar and ask the customer to use the touch screen to enter their signature for the sale on this screen. The customer will sign their name on the line and touch the ACCEPT bar when they are finished. Once the customer’s signature has been captured and recorded, you will be returned to the Transaction Approved screen, from which you can choose to email a receipt to the customer or touch the DONE button to close the Transaction Approved screen and return to the TERMINAL.

Email Receipt
If the customer would like a receipt via email (or if you would like to send a copy of the transaction to your own email) simply touch EMAIL RECEIPT and enter the email address you would like to send the receipt to in the field provided on the next screen.

Enter the email to which a receipt should be sent and touch “Send.” The emailed receipt will be sent and you will be returned to the Transaction Approved screen from which you may touch DONE to return to the TERMINAL or EMAIL RECEIPT to send another copy of the receipt to an additional email address.

You can customize your customer receipt template and information on the RECEIPTS screen in the SETTINGS section of the App.
**TIP: Transactions may be denied for a number of reasons, including mismatched customer name, address or zip code. Re-check your information and try the transaction again before taking further action.


To process a new order with more detailed information, or accept payment via credit card, check or cash, you can use the NEW ORDER option, which allows you to enter individual items and accept and track payments in a variety of forms (credit card, check and cash).
Your customer can pay for their purchase with any of these methods or may use a combination of methods. This function allows you to accept partial payment for an item and save the transaction to complete it later.
Using the three icons at the bottom of the screen, you can select a customer from your customer database, add details such as billing and shipping information, PO number, email address and additional notes, and add items to the order from your products database.

Split Payment
Credit Card
Add Item
Order Details

From the Order Details screen you are able to view and edit and additional details that should be recorded with the transaction such as the customer’s billing and shipping addresses, email and telephone number, as well as order specific details such as Purchase Order (PO) Number and any notes that may be relevant.

Entering a Billing and/or Shipping Addresses
Touch the empty space beneath the Billing Address heading to add or edit the billing address and the space beneath the Shipping Address to add or edit shipping information.
When you have entered the information, touch the blue SAVE button at the top right of the screen to save the information and return to the order.

Entering a PO Number, Phone Number and/or Email Address
Touch the line that you would like to edit and enter the required information in the space provided.
**NOTE: Be sure to enter the email address in the correct format of to
ensure that your emails will be deliverable.

Entering Notes on an Order
You may include a note to yourself or to your colleagues on any order by touching the Notes field at the bottom of the order details screen.


To issue a credit card refund to a customer for any reason, touch the ISSUE REFUND bar on the main TERMINAL screen and use the NEXT arrow to proceed through a quick series of steps and enter the necessary information. The process is similar to that of accepting a quick payment but the word
REFUND will appear at the top left of the screen.

Enter the subtotal and tax in the fields provided, then touch NEXT to proceed to the following screen and enter a brief description of the reason for the refund, or the product(s) being returned as well as the invoice and purchase order (if desired).

On the next screen you can manually enter (or swipe to enter) the customer’s credit card number, expiration date and CVC/CVV2 as well as the cardholder’s name billing street and zip code.

**NOTE: Only the card number and expiration date are required to process the refund. Once these pieces of information have been entered, a blue PROCESS button will appear near the top right of the screen. You may touch it at any time to process the refund.

When you have entered the required information, touch PROCESS to proceed and issue the refund to the customer’s credit card. You will receive notification when the refund was accepted, including a reference number and authorization code.

You may send an email receipt for the transaction to the customer, or to any other email address by touching the EMAIL RECEIPT bar and following the instructions on the screen to enter the desired recipient’s email address and send a receipt.

To post authorization for an offline transaction, touch the POST VOICE AUTHORIZATION bar on the main TERMINAL screen. In the space provided, enter a valid authorization code that was provided by a bank or other institution and then touch the NEXT arrow above the keypad.

On the next screen, type in the amount that has been authorized; including subtotal and any applicable tax.
When all the information has been entered, touch the PROCESS bar to run the authorization code through the gateway and proceed to the TRANSACTION APPROVAL status screen that you can capture the customer’s signature and email receipts.

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