mPOS – Products

To access your Product Database, tap on the   (located at the top left side of your screen) then tap on

‘Products’. Once you tap on ‘Products’ from the side menu bar, you will be taken to your product inventory.


STEP 1: To add a product category, tap on the plus_icon icon. Refer to image shown below.

STEP 2: A pop up window will appear. Enter the category name on the field provided then tap on ‘Ok’.

STEP 1: To delete a product category, swipe the category to the left. Refer to image shown below.

STEP 2: A pop up window will appear to confirm the deletion. Tap ‘Ok’.

STEP 1: Select the category you wish the product to be added to. To add a product, tap on the icon
located at the upper right hand side of your screen.

STEP 2: Fill in the following fields, as desired:

  • Name
  • Category Name
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Vendor
  • Detail
  • Price
  • Cost
  • List
  • Product ID
  • Photo URL
  • Product URL

Once you fill out the desired fields, tap on ‘Save’. To cancel adding the product, tap on ‘Cancel’. Note: All products added from your online Merchant Console will automatically sync to your Groovv mPOS app.

There are two methods to delete a product from your Product Database:
(1) From the product’s information profile
(2) From the product list of a specific category

Method 1
Method 2

Step 1: To edit a product’s information, tap on the product. The information profile will appear on the right side of the screen.
Step 2: Tap on the pencil_icon (pencil) icon then edit the desired field on the next window. Once you have entered or edited the desired information, tap on ‘Save’.

Step 1: To search for a product, tap on the category from which the product you are looking for belongs to. On open search field, type product’s name.
Step 2: Once you enter the product name, all products that match the criteria entered will appear.

The product inventory screen allows you to view and synchronize your complete product list as well as adds, edit and delete individual products. To synchronize your product list, touch the REFRESH button at the top right of the screen.

**Note: You will not be able to edit product information within this tab. You must make your adjustments to your database online in your merchant console and re-sync your database.
**Note: You can edit the product information as you add it to an order.

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