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Getting Started

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Install the Groovv mPOS App on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in the App Store.

Step 1: Go to the App Store app-store-1

Step 2: Search for Groovv mPOS Appmposicon1

Step 3: Tap on get1 then tap on install1 to install the application on your device

groovv mpos

Once the app is installed, tap on the appmposicon1 icon.
The first time you access the MPOS application (or anytime after logging out), you will be prompted to enter your merchant account username and password.

Step 1: Enter your username and password

Step 2: Tap login-iconto continue
Once you login, you will be taken to the Itemized Order Page.


You can reset your password from the Login page.

Step 1: To reset your password tap on the “Forgot Password” link.

Step 2: You will then be taken to a new page. Refer to the image. Use the form to request a password reset. Enter your username or email address in the field provided then tapcontinue.

Step 3: An email containing an authorization code will be sent to the email address on file.

NOTE: When changing your password, you must do so through your online merchant console, You cannot reset your password through the mPOS App. New merchants must log into the merchant console and change the temporary password before proceeding to use the mPOS App.

The initial logins screen will direct users to create an Itemized Order. View the menu by tapping3-lineson the left of the screen.


Step 1.
Open the “Market” on your phone and search for “Groovv mPOS” and select and install the App to your phone.
Step 2.
Open the Groovv mPOS Appmposiconand login using your username and password for the online merchant console.
Signing In

The first time you access the application (or anytime you start the application after signing out), you will be prompted to enter your Groovv mPOS username and password on this screen:

**Note:When changing your password, you must do so through your online merchant console. You cannot reset a password through the Groovv mPOS App.

The Groovv mPOS will launch with a splash page. You will be taken automatically to the main Terminal from which you can accept a quick payment, make a new order, issue a refund or post a voice authentication. To add products or customers, view your transaction history or personalize your settings, you the touch icons at the bottom of your screen. From the main Terminal of the Groovv mPOS App, you can access the quick payment function, process new orders, issue refunds to a customer and post a voice authentication for offline transactions. Along the bottom of the screen you will also find icons to access your Transaction History, Products list and application Settings.


Dashboard, Menu’s & How To’s



Step 1. In the products tab, swipe down on the screen
Step 2. Products will synchronize
Step 1. In the Customers tab, swipe down on the screen
Step 2. Customers will synchronize
Step 1. Click on “Manually Key”
Step 2. On the Castles device it says “PAN” this simply means key in card number
Step 3. Follow prompts on the Castles Device


Inventory Items
Orders Related
App Not Responding
App Not Responding
Loyalty & Rewards
A: As of 05/09, the only fix is to force close the app, clear the data, log in, sync, and retry the transaction.
A: Steps to take: ensure they are using the black cable, have them check other devices and see if the cable fits tights. If both answers are yes, open ticket to swap the CABLE, not the castle device.
A: Merchants were temporarily sent castle devices without face-plates. The version, firmware, etc. is all the same it just doesn’t have the face plate. We cannot order just the face plate, the entire device/bundle would need to swapped.
A: Yes, there must be paper loaded in order the mPOP cash drawer to pop open during a transaction.

What to Do: Have the merchant use the manual release on the bottom on the cash drawer until they refill the paper.

A: No, third party cash drawers do not work with the FLEX but we can send the merchant a Groovv Register cash drawer while supplies last. Keep in mind, the cash drawer will not connect to the FLEX and will have to be opened with the key each time.

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