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How to Search for a Transaction
How to Process a Refund
View Transaction Details
View Transaction Audit Info
Export Transaction Data
Perform a Search for Batches
View Batch Audit Information
Perform a Search for Tenders
How to Close a Batch/Register
How to Search for Adjustments
How to Adjust a Credit Tender
How to Search Audit Information
How to Add a Category
How to Add a Product
How to Edit a Item
How to Delete Items / Categories
Add a Subcategory or Group
Edit a Category, Subcategory, or Group
Activate/Deactivate Items or Categories
Auto Create Tags from the Product Library
Add Modifiers
Edit Modifiers
How to Add Discounts
How to Edit a Discount
Add a Subcategory or Group
Activate or Deactivate Taxes
Add Taxes
Edit Taxes
Edit Products for a Location
Customize Receipts
Upload Accessory Display Images
Change Payment Options
Enable or Disable Tender Types
Edit Processor Information
Set Discounts for a Location
Set Taxes for a Location
Add Screen Layouts
Automatically Create Tags from Your Product Library
Edit Screen Layouts
Add Modifier Sets
Edit Modifier Sets
Delete Modifier Sets
Edit Layout of Modifier Sets
Change Modifier Order in Modifier Sets
Assign Modifier Sets to Products
Add Registers
Edit Registers
Unassign Register
Add Stations
Edit Stations
Delete Stations
Add Identifiers
Edit Identifiers
Delete Identifiers
Add Locations
Edit Locations
Add a User
Edit a User
Manage User Access
Activate/Deactivate Users
Create/Change User PIN
Add Groups
Edit Groups
Delete Groups
Issue a Refund from a Register
Reprint or Resend a Reciept
Upload Offline Transactions
How to View Offline Orders
Add Items to an Order
Remove Items From an Order
Apply a Discount
Remove a Discount
Apply a Modifier
Cancel an Order
Run Offline Transactions
Offline Transactions
How to Hold an Order
Increase Item Quantities
Sell a Gift Card
How to Split an Order
View/Edit Order Info
Manager Override
Checkout an Order
Complete Offline Transactions
Remove a Tender From an Order
Return to or Cancel an Order During Checkout
Use the Tip Screen
Use the Signature Screen
Split an Order
Hold an Order
Open a Held Order
Checkout a Held Order
Print a Check
Sent a Held Order to a Station
Manage Orders Placed Through Order Ahead


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