Socket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

What’s In the Box

  • CHS 7Ci Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • 2 rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries
  • Lanyard
  • AC adapter and USB-to-DC plug cable
  • Separate instruction booklet and quickstart guide


  • Unwrap the scanner and the batteries from their packaging.
  • To open the scanner’s battery door, use a coin or screwdriver to rotate the twist-lock on the scanner’s underside.
  • Remove lid the battery door lid.
  • Insert the 2 rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • Return the lid and turn the twist-lock to secure the lid in place.
  • To turn the scanner on, press the small, black Power button on top of the scanner.
  • To pair the scanner with your Groovv POS device, go to Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • On the list of Available Devices, tap Socket CHS [######]. This prompts Groovv POS to pair itself with the scanner.
  • Once the scanner has paired successfully, it will beep once. The scanner will make 5 attempts to connect.
  • If the pairing is not successful, try refreshing the list of Available Devices. you can also turn off the scanner by holding down the power button, or try turning of the Bluetooth function on the Groovv POS device and the turning it on again.
  • To unpair the scanner, there are two basic steps:
    1. On the Groovv POS device, select Socket CHS [######] so that a gear symbol appears. Tap the gear symbol. Then tap Unpair. The scanner will then beep twice.
    2. Next, press and hold the Trigger button and the Power button together for about 2 seconds. The scanner will then beep 3 times. This turns off the scanner.
  • To scan, hold the scanner 2 to 6 inches from a barcode.


  • Press the Trigger button.
  • Make sure the laser is horizontal to the center barcode. ( Not diagonal.)
  • If the scan is successful, the scanner will beep once and vibrate, and the LED will flash green.
  • To complete the scanner’s setup, scan [1st Barcode: see sample]. The scanner will beep.
  • Scan [2nd Barcode: see sample].
  • From the Groovv POS Home screen, tap Register Settings.
  • Tap the Scanner section, then tap the first tile (Note, the default text on this reads: “None”).
  • A menu appears. Tap Socket Mobile.
  • This will autofill the other tile-fields with “CHS” and “Bluetooth”
  • Optional: tap test. A lightbox will ask you to scan a barcode. If successful, the scanner will beep.
  • Tap Save.
  • Go to the Groovv POS back office portal.
  • From the Navigation menu, tap Items then Library.
  • From the available categories, choose an item/product.
  • In the Product Code field, enter all the digits from the barcode. ( Note that different products have different numeric values.)


  • Tap Save.
  • Return to the Groovv POS Home screen.
  • Tap the Sync Now button. Your product is ready to scan.
Other Points & Observations
  • What if more than one person or socket is trying to pair at the same time? User may need to find one scanner’s individual ID.

The virtual keyboard is disabled by the scanner

  • One potential problem: the tablet/computer recognizes the scanner as if it is an external keyboard. If the screen locks, the virtual keyboard may be disabled. In this case. you need to go into Settings to do the following:
    • Tap Bluetooth
    • Tap Unpair to ” disconnect” the device. This will allow the user to access the virtual keyboard again.

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