Setting Up the Kitchen Printer

(Star SP700)

Kitchen Devices are used to speed up the restaurant experience not only for a customer, but also for a server. By having tickets be automatically sent to the kitchen, the server is able to go from table to table without running into the kitchen to drop off orders.

What’s In the Box

  • Printer
  • Cables: 1 Ethernet Cable, 1 Power Cable
  • Ribbon Cartridge
  • Instruction Booklet
  • CD-ROM


The below instructions outline the steps for the Star compatible Groovv POS kitchen printers.

  • Choose a firm, level surface where the printer will not be exposed to vibration or direct sunlight.
  • Remove the printer, cables, ribbon cartridge, and accessories from the box and packaging.

KP 1

  • Ignore the CD ROM. (You don’t need it.)
  • Look underneath the printer. Toward the back you’ll find 3 ports for the cables.
    • Plug in the white Ethernet cable into the middle port, the one labeled 100/10BASE, and then to a computer’s Ethernet port.
    • Plug the black power cable into the largest port. Then plug it into a surge-protected power strip.
  • On the right side of the printer’s lid, slide the plastic button backward to open the paper compartment.
  • Push the lid to open it.
  • To open the front printer cover  for the ribbon cartridge, pull it in the opposite direction.
  • On the top right of the ribbon cartridge, turn the ribbon feed knob clockwise, in the direction of the arrow. This will remove slack from the ribbon.
  • Insert the ribbon cartridge as shown in the image below. Make sure that the red and black ribbon is set in front of the cylindrical print head. Press down to secure it.
  • Note: Be careful not to touch the print head as oil from your fingertips could damage it.

KP 2

  • Close the front cover.
  • Insert the roll of printer paper so the paper unrolls from the bottom. Pull some of the paper out and over the feed slot’s metal teeth, then close the lid.

KP 3

  • Push down both sides of the printer cover to close.
  • Now it’s time to turn the printer on First, press and hold the gray Feed button and at the same time press the On switch on the left side of the printer.
  • Hold Feed down for just about 1-2 seconds after turning it on, then release the Feed button.
  • The Power light will glow green when the printer is on and ready.
  • Also, if the action is successful, a receipt titled “Network Card” will print. Important: Find the IP address at the bottom of this receipt and save it for your records and the steps to follow.
  • In Groovv POS back office Portal, tap Settings.
  • Select Products, then Product Details.
  • For the Station menu, choose Kitchen expeditor.
  • Tap Save.
  • Select Add Station.
  • To name the station. type a name.
  • Choose where the station will be, either Kitchen or Expedite.
  • Next, to assign the printer to a register, go to Settings and select Register.
  • In the Receipt Printer section, for Kitchen Expeditor, select Star Micronics SP700
  • From the Groovv POS Home screen, tap Register Settings.
  • Find the Receipt Printers section. Select Kitchen expeditor.
  • Select the printer’s model number, SP700.
  • For the Connection field, select TCP/IP
  • For the Address field you’ll need to reference the IP Address on the receipt you printed.
  • Enter IP address.
  • Tap Save.
  • You’re now ready to print.
Other Points & Observations

Ideally the kitchen printer should be set up at the location level, not the register level.


Upon checkout, all items on the order which have associated station(s),  will auto print out simultaneously to the screen below being displayed.

*The POS cannot be stopped from sending station enabled items to print upon checkout


Whenever selecting Hold Order, users will be presented with the prompt to Send, or NOT to send its items to related stations. (*If there are items on the order with station(s) associated)

If you choose not to send upon holding an order, you will need to come back when ready to send the Items to a Station Printer manually from the Open Screen.
Station Printers are those printers where certain Inventory Items are automatically sent during the Order/Checkout Process.

Held Orders can be manually sent to kitchen printers stations a few ways:

  • From the ‘Open Orders: All Orders’ screen touch the order in question, then the red Send to Stations button near the top right corner of the screen.
  • When holding an order, before pressing continue, touch the checkbox next to Send to Stations.
Any Order that contains at least one Item that needs to be sent to a Station for printing, but has not yet been sent to a Station yet, will be flagged and outlined in Red.


An Order placed with unsent Items will have the Unsent Items Flag, a red outline on its Held Order Tile, on the Open Orders Tab. This indicates that the order contains items that need to be sent to a station and that the Order has not yet been sent. The Order will also be saved on the Unsent Items Screen of the Open Orders Tab until the Items have been sent for printing.


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