Initial Setup

Before you can login into your Groovv POS app for the first time, you must complete the Initial Setup of the POS. This Initial Setup process contains three quick and easy steps to get your account setup for the correct location.

  1. Turn on the POS and navigate to the Login Screen
  2. Enter the correct Account ID for the location
  3. Enter the User Name and Password for the account
  4. Click the Log In button to be directed to the Initial Setup Screen


Choose a location by selecting one of the choices that appear listed to the right of the Choose Location tab.

NOTE:Only one location may be chosen for this POS, ensure that you are selecting the correct one. 


Select which type of Groovv POS app you’ll be using. Your choices will be listed to the right side of the Choose Product Type tab.


Select which register will be assigned to this POS by choosing one of the available options that appear to the right side of the Assign Register tab.


Once you have successfully completed these three steps, select the Save button located on the top right side of the Initial Setup Screen to advance to the Groovv POS app.

Note: For a business with only one location, one product type, and one register, this process will be automatically generated once logged into the POS. 

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