The End of Day Tab allows you to count cash collected, identify cash shortages or overages, review summaries for tender types – Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, and Gift Certificates – and print your Z-Report.

Things To Do Before You Close

The Tip Adjust Button on the Close Register Screen will take you to the Tip Adjust Tab to adjust credit and debit card tenders. After selecting the individual credit tender to adjust, use the keypad to the right to enter the corresponding tip.

In order to complete a Tip Adjustment, you must enable restaurant tipping within the Portal. Tip Adjustment can only be performed the same day, while the credit card batch is still open. *A batch that contained only cash transactions, for instance, would not have any transactions on which Tip Adjustment could be performed.


Selecting the Count Button takes you to the Count Drawer Screen where you can enter the total amount of cash, gift certificates, and checks in the drawer using the keypad in the center of the screen. You can also choose to press the Manual Cash Counter Button to enter bills and coins by denomination, one at a time. Using the Manual Cash Counter is not mandatory, but maybe helpful to users that track and organize bills and coins this way.

After you have entered the amount of cash, gift certificates, and checks in the drawer, press the Save Counts Button to save your changes and return to the The End of Day Screen.


To print or email a copy of the Batch Overview provided on the The End of Day Screen. Press the Print Button next to Print Z-Report or Email button to email a copy of the report. This can be useful for filling out deposit slips and general record keeping. When Z reports are printed, or emailed, they will include the X report extension for open and closed batches.

How to Close

To close your Register, select Management from the Home Screen, then select the End of Day Tab.

Pressing the Close Register Button will close the current batch and will return you to the Home Screen. When you press the Orders Button on the Home Screen you will be prompted to enter the current amount of cash in your till to open a new batch. Until you open a new batch, you will not be able to use any of the Order Screens.

On the left side of the screen you will see the current Register Name and open Batch Number. Below this there is an equation made up of the Order Total, the Over/Short Amount, and the Deposit Total. The Order Total is the total amount earned for all Orders completed during the current Batch. The Over/Short amount represents how much Cash is missing or in surplus in your Register based on a manually entered count of the cash drawer. To enter this information, make sure to perform the Count Drawer action. The Deposit Total is the total amount that you will take to the bank to deposit.

Below this information is an itemized summary of each type of tender received during the current Batch. If you only received credit card and cash transactions, only these two tenders will be listed here.


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