Entering Customer Information

  1. Click located at the top right hand side of your Customer Database page.
    1. A pop up window will appear.
  2. Enter the customer’s general information on the blank fields.
  3. The Customer ID and the customer’s First Name and Last Name are the required fields.
  4. All the other fields are optional.

Once you have entered the customer’s information, click then continue Add a Payment Method steps.


Add a Payment Method

  1. To add a payment method, click the ‘Payment Methods’ tab, then click [x].
  2. Select the payment method tab to set up for recurring billing.
  3. Click the Add New button
  4. Click the Credit Card icon
  5. Enter the customer’s card number and the credit card’s expiration date. All the other fields are optional.

Note: Check the ‘Default’ box, to save the customer’s credit card information as their default recurring billing payment method.

Once you have selected the payment method and entered the necessary information, click the Add /Save icon.

You will be taken back to the ‘Payment Methods’ tab. Click to apply the payment method to your Customer’s recurring billing setting to schedule a recurring charge.


Schedule a Credit Card Charge

  1. To schedule a recurring charge, click on the ‘Billing Schedules’ tab then click [x].
  2. The Billing Schedule pop up window will appear.
  3. Enter the payment amount on the Each Pmt Amt field on the ‘General’ tab.
  4. *The order ID and Tax are optional fields.
  5. After entering the payment amount, click on the ‘Schedule’ tab.
  6. Enter the following information to set the billing schedule (refer to the image shown above)
    • Starting Date: Click the icon, and choose the starting date for the recurring payments.
    • Note: This is not necessarily the first date the customer will be billed. The first day of billing is the first date that obeys the billing schedule ‘Rules’ on or after the ‘Starting Date’.
    • Frequency: The merchant console gives you 3 frequency options for recurring billing payments: Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. Click the drop down arrows to select the recurring billing frequency.
    • Number of Payments: Enter the total number of payments the customer should be charged.
    • Every: Based on the previous example, enter the number of times you are billing your customer per month. If you want to charge the customer once per month enter “1” or twice per month, enter “2”, and so on.
    • Rules: Refer to the image shown below. Once you have entered the Frequency, Number of Payments, and Every for the billing schedule, you will be given the option to enter the rules. Based on the example, the merchant selected ‘Second’ and ‘Monday’ or the customer’s recurring billing schedule. This means that the customer will be charged every second Monday of the month.
  7. Click [x] to apply the recurring billing schedule.
  8. Click [x] once you have set the customer’s recurring billing payments.
  9. You will be taken back to the ‘Billing Schedules’ tab.
  10. Click to Apply, followed by Save to complete scheduling of your customer’s recurring charge.


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