Batch Summary

The Batch Manager is considered the most important section of the merchant console. This is where all your successful debit card and credit card transactions are stored. If a transaction has been declined or received an error, it will NOT be placed into a the Batch Manager.

To access the Batch Manager, click on “Batches” on the side menu bar then select “Batch Manager” from the drop down menu.


Your current open batch is displayed when you first enter the Batch Manager page. The open batch contains all transactions that have not yet closet or settled.


The top section of the Batch Manager shows a detailed and graphical breakdown of your current batch.
The specific breakdowns are:

  • A detailed list of your Batch Total based on your Total Sales, Total Voided, and Total Credits ( or refunds).
  • A vertical bar graph based on the total amount of your Total Sales, Total Voided, and Total Credits (or refunds).
  • A pie chart showing a breakdown of your total Sales By Source.
  • A pie chart showing a breakdown of your total Sales By Card.


The bottom section of the Batch Manager shows your current batch’s transaction details such as the Date, Cardholder’s Name, Card Type, Card Number, Address Verification System or AVS, Card Verification Value or CVV2, the Amount of the transaction, and the Authorization Code.


If you prefer not to have this section on your Batch Manager Page, click on the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the graph section.


Step 1: Click Batch Summary located on the top right hand side of the page.

Step 2: A pop up window will appear showing the following information:

  • By Source or Source Key: It shows you the total funds, transaction count, and total credit.
    Note: A Source Key is a 16 alphanumeric digit that allows merchants to integrate with shopping carts, 3rd party softwares, and the ability to build a payment form. It identifies the source of where and how the transaction was processed.
  • By Users: It shows the transaction count, total credit and total funds by users in your account.
  • By Card Type:  It shows the source by credit card type, the total amount of transaction from each credit card, the count, and the total credit.

Step 3: Click Close to exit the Batch Summary.

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