Commonly Asked Questions

A: You may find your username and password in the welcome letter/email which you received upon signing up for your gateway account. If you still can not find your username and/or password you can reset it with a support representative over the phone.
A: The Home section is where news, announcements, updates and other important items are posted for your knowledge. We highly recommend you check this section at least once a week
A: CVV or Card Verification Value/Code are the 3 digits located on the back of a Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card and the 4 digits located on the front of an American Express card.
A: The system will allow you to place a transaction without this value and will approve the card (if your Fraud Center settings are also permitting it) without it but it is highly recommended that you collect this value for transactions.
A: This field is used for Level III cards and is the Purchase Order number
A: Card number, expiration date and amount. Note that if fields like name, billing address, billing zip code and CVV are not filled it, you may experience a non-qualified rate on your transaction; check with your bank.
A: Yes, you can put multiple emails separated by a comma (eg.,
A: You can Void ONLY when a transaction is in your “Current” open batch. If the transaction has already been settled/closed then you must use Credit to refund your customer’s funds.
A: A Sale will authorize the card AND place the transaction into your Current batch for settlement. An AuthOnly on the other hand will authorize the card and place the transaction into your Queued Transactions screen where the transaction will sit until it is captured. A transaction will not be charged fully until it has been settled/closed in a batch.
A: The system allows the transaction to sit in there for a maximum of 30 days BUT usually transactions expire on the bank’s end in 7-10 days. Check with your merchant bank to be sure.
A: PostAuth is used for “offline” transactions. Any transaction that did NOT originate on the gateway can be Posted in the PostAuth tab. Most common to these types are the “Voice Authorization” transactions which need to be Posted through this screen in order for the money to transfer into your account.
A: The functionality of the two screens is exactly the same; they process sales. The only difference is the Quick Sale form allows you to input more information about the transaction to be stored in the gateway’s databases. You will notice the form allows you to include things like full billing and shipping address for the transaction and more. This is beneficial for future reporting through the gateway.
A: A voice authorization is when a card needs to be called in for authorization directly with your merchant bank. This is sometimes required when the card is being held or when the card is reaching its spending limit. You, the merchant, have two choices as to what you can do in this case. The first is rule it as a Decline and tell the customer that the card has been declined. The second is to call in the card to your merchant service bank’s voice authorization line. IF the card gets approved over the phone you must then go into the vTerminal and post the transaction in your PostAuth tab. This will then place the transaction into your batch ready for closure.
Most of the time the AVS and CVV Results do NOT effect whether or not the card is being approved or declined. So if you receive a decline and the CVV says something like “No Data Available” then it just means there was no response data available for the CVV since the card was decline.
This error is caused when the card you are trying to process does not pass the Card ID Fraud filter you have set on your account in the Fraud Center. Check your settings and the CVV result of the transaction to see why it didn’t pass your criteria
This error message is caused when the card you are trying to process does not pass your AVS [Address Verification System] fraud module which you have set in your Fraud Center inside the Merchant Console. Check the AVS result of the transaction and then check your settings on the AVS Module to see if the result would pass your modules criteria for passing.
Unable to retrieve current batch means that either your account is no longer active with your merchant bank OR if you are a new account then this message is happening due to a misconfiguration of your account in our system. It is best to call our tech support and/or merchant bank to make sure your account is active and properly setup on our system.
Every merchant bank charges different fees. We recommend you check with your merchant bank to find out your fees.
Yes, at the end of the day once you are done processing your sale you do need to close (or settle) your batch. You may do so in the Batches screen of your console by clicking the “Close This Batch” button. Once the batch is closed the funds go to your merchant bank for deposit. You may also set your batches to auto-close in the Settings section of your console.
Usually banks take 2-3 business days for a batch to deposit. Every merchant bank is different so you may want to check with yours for more details?
You can do either. Contact us to have it set to a specific time, or manually close your batch as needed.
batch faq
Yes. You can set it to email you a report under Settings by putting in an email (or multiple emails) in the Send Batch Reports to field available.
Compact mode is what would turn off any confirmation screen/messages on the console. Message that are something like “Are you Sure…” will not show up in Compact Mode. We do NOT recommend you check this box unless you are VERY familiar with the functionality of the system.
To create a key:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Sources/Keys

iii. Click Add Source

  1. Give Your Source a Name (eg. Cart, eStore, Website…)
  2. Click Save
  3. Copy and Paste the Key into your Shopping Cart/eCommerce toolkit
Yes, when setting up a user you can restrict them to different parts of the console only. Master account are MAIN users which can do ANYTHING.
Yes… doing this will allow you to do reports on each key and allow you to see what transaction came from what website within the system.
Our accounting department is the group which changes that, please call in to 866.872.3729 to change or email your customer service rep.
You contact sales at 866.872.3729 x302 . You may also need to change your account information with your merchant service bank.
In order to accept eChecks you need to have an eCheck account. You can set one up directly with our check processing platform or contact your sales rep and they can help you set one up.
Yes, the system does allow retail transaction to be passed into the gateway along with mag-data to receive retail rates with your merchant bank.
You would have to call your merchant service bank’s customer service number which is usually located somewhere on your statement.
You can tell if a sale/credit has been officially full processed if the “Status” of the transaction (within its Details) says “Settled”. This means it has been successfully sent to your merchant service bank.
The transactions for the credit cards in recurring billing run on the “Next Date” day at 11:50pm Pacific Standard Time.
This means the card has been declined for some reason and the system will retry it tonight again at 11:50pm PST.
3 Times before the person gets marked Red and the schedule for the transaction is disabled.
Yes… you can so by through the Gateway API’s (
Yes, you can download any reports within the system in Tab or Comma Delimited format.
You can create a report in the Custom Reports section of the Reports section. Custom reports can have any fields in them, can be sorted in any way you’d like and can display reports for different date and time ranges. They can also be downloaded and emailed at any time.
This error occurs when you are trying to process a sale or authorization for 0.00 or less. You can NOT process for less than 0.01. A transaction must be at least 1 cent to process through the system.
To close an account email or fax 323.931.2231 a letter of cancellation which has (1) Company Name (2) Your Name (3) Date as of which the account should be closed (4) Reason for Cancellation.

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