1. On the Current Items Screen of the App, add Items to the Order
    1. Add Items from your Tags
    2. Add Manual Items
  2. Add any Order Info, if applicable
  3. Tap the Customer Info Button to bring up the PassMarket Screen
    1. If the customer is not currently a member of your rewards program:
      1. The customer can press Join to become a member of your loyalty –program, ORrre
      2. Press Re-Enter Number to enter a phone number again
    2. If the customer is already a member of your loyalty program:
      1. The app will display the Account Info Screen
      2. The customer can tap on the reward in the reward list. The reward will be applied to the Order and will be displayed in the Receipt Viewer, OR
      3. The customer can press the Continue Without Reward Button
  4. Click the Checkout Button below the Receipt Viewer
  5. On the Payment Methods Screen, select the payment type for the Order

  1. If the customer is paying with cash, after entering the amount of cash they gave you for the Order using the number pad in the center of the screen, press Pay, and give the customer their change, if any
  2. If the customer is paying with a credit card, debit card, or Gift Card, insert or swipe the card using your preconfigured Swiper and/or Terminal
  3. On the Receipt Screen, select whether you would like to Print a Receipt, Email a Receipt, or press the All Done Button to dismiss the screen.
    1. If you elected to email a receipt, enter the customer’s email address and press Send

Congratulations – you have now completed a Transaction from start to finish. Click the following links for any additional questions about the Checkout Process or other Checkout topics.

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