The Batches Page under the Transaction Expanded Menu displays all open and closed Batches, according to the Date Range, Register(s), and Location selected. Merchants find this screen useful to review closed Batches, conduct Audits for particular Batches, and close any open Batches.

The primary Batch Table displays identifying Batch information, when and where the Batch was closed, the total amount in the Batch, any amounts over or short, and the amount of the final bank deposit associated with the Batch. By clicking Show Advanced Options above the Search Button, you can search Batches by Date, Register, Batch Number, and by Batch Size (Lower Amount search threshold, and Upper Amount search threshold).


Open Batches will be highlighted within the Batch Table. Only those highlighted Batches are capable of being closed.

To close a Batch, select the View Summary Button, represented by a Chart Icon to the left of a Batch Number. Click Close. If there is cash included in the Batch, you will be required to make an accounting of your cash by entering the cash amount in the text box, or selecting the Cash Counter Button and entering the denominations in the Batch. Select Close when finished.


Merchants also have the ability to conduct Audits for individual Batches, reviewing security and financial activity relating to the Batch, and reviewing the time and Users associate with each activity. To conduct an Audit of a Batch, select the View Summary Button, represented by a Chart Icon to the left of a Batch. Select Audits.


Batches can also be exported for review. Selecting Export All Records at the bottom of the Batches Page will download all records available. Selecting Export Current Results will download only those records contained in search results of a Search you have conducted.

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