1. Click on Store Setup on the left side of the Navigation Menu, and then select Registers from the listings.
  2. On the Registers Page, select the Add Register Button.
  3. On the Add Register Page enter the requested Register details and set the Register Status.
  4. Click Save, when finished entering Register details.


Status – A Register can either be Active or Inactive. When a Register is Active, it is available for normal use. When a Register’s status is set to Inactive, Users will not be able to log in to Groovv using that Register.

Name – The name you enter here will be used to identify the Register. For example, in transaction listings, each transaction will have a field noting the Register that was used for the transaction. This name will reflect what you enter here.

Description – This description will be used as an additional way for you to differentiate one register from another.

Gateway Terminal ID – Enter the Gateway Terminal ID that was issued for you to use.

Gift Terminal ID – Enter the Gift Terminal ID that was issued for you to use.

Product Type – Select the Product Type that will be associated with this Register. Product type refers to the version of the Groovv app that will be used by this Register. The differences between Groovv product types may include the availability of features and support for hardware like printers.

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